Poster Design

On December 28, 1895, the French Lumiere brothers showed short films such as "the Train to the Station" to 35 audiences in a restaurant in Paris. At that time, the poster entitled "Lumiere Film" may be the first film poster in the world.

Early movie posters were used purely for advertising purposes, just like most promotional posters in stores, which were drawn by hand, also known as hand-painted movie posters. Its authentic works are rare. The original posters of the early famous Hollywood films "Gone with the Wind", "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Casablanca" were all hand-painted, with exquisite and meticulous pictures, and still have high artistic value.

With the popularity of movies and the progress of movie poster production technology, movie posters themselves have become a kind of art with appreciation and collection value because of their exquisite pictures, unique expression methods and rich cultural connotations. However, foreign poster collectors generally only collect original movie posters. Of course, their front pages and previous editions are favored because of their small number and great potential for appreciation.

Movie posters and other movie derivative products. Functionally, it can be divided into two categories: the first category is for advertising and promotion, and its products are often marked with the words "For Promotion" (for promotion), which are mainly used as advertisements for film companies, cinema posters and audience gifts. The first category of products is not for sale. The second category is available for sale. The movie posters, postcards, key rings, commemorative cards, mugs, T-shirts, etc. you see in Shanghai are all derivative products of the movie. Film and film derivatives have long become a culture, affecting generations and entering the lives of millions of people.

Most of today's movie posters have exquisite pictures. Even for the posters of the same movie, the versions of different countries will have different methods of expression and may highlight different themes. An ordinary movie poster has only one or two pages, while a best-selling blockbuster may have dozens of pages. The poster of "TiTanic" movie should have the most pages.

Poster Design