Product Brochure Design

Product definition currently has two academic directions. One is based on "marketing management" as the positioning direction; the other is based on the whole "basic concept of enterprise management" as the positioning direction.

1, Marketing Management Direction

Definition of product: Anything that is offered to the market as a commodity for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption to satisfy a desire or need.

Consumers buy not only the entity of the product, but also the core benefits of the product (I. e., the basic utility and benefits provided to the consumer). The entity of the product is called the general product, that is, the basic form of the product, only attached to the product entity, the core interests of the product can be realized. The desired product is a set of attributes and conditions that consumers desire when purchasing a product. Additional products are the fourth level of the product, that is, the additional services and benefits contained in the product. The fifth level of the product is the potential product, which indicates all possible additions and changes to the product.

In the supply chain, the products of the upper-class factory are the production raw materials or consumables of the lower-class factory, such as plastic pellets, paper leather boxes, glass sheets, computer central processing units, paint, etc.

2, Basic Conceptual Direction of Enterprise Management

Product definition: a collection of all perceptual things and images related to the realization of requirements in the process of realizing requirements.

The characteristics of this definition are as follows: first, the product is a process thing rather than a static thing, which may belong to the product in the process of selection, payment, installation, use and scrapping; second, the product is not something provided by the enterprise, but something belonging to the customer. The essence of the product is the "perception" of the customer, which depends on the customer and cannot exist independently of the customer. Third, image is also an important component of the product, the image comes from the perception, the image includes the memory image and the imagination image.

Here "perception" is a psychological concept, also often translated as "perception". Perception and perception are synonymous.

Products are the only connection between the enterprise and the outside world, and the only support for the survival of the enterprise.

Product Brochure Design