Clothing album design

Health Care

Clothing can protect the human body and maintain the thermal balance of the human body to adapt to the impact of climate change. Clothing in the wear to make people feel comfortable, the main factors affecting comfort is the material in the fiber nature, beauty specifications, gray fabric structure, thickness and sewing technology.


At the beginning of the clothing is mainly for the purpose of covering up shame, after the development of time turned to functional (practical) and then pay more attention to the beauty of clothing, to meet people's spiritual enjoyment of beauty. The main factors affecting the aesthetics are the texture, color, pattern, gray fabric organization, form retention, drape, elasticity, wrinkle resistance, clothing style, etc.

Industrial use

Anti-static clothing is to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, with anti-static fabric for the fabric and sewing, suitable for static sensitive places or fire or explosion dangerous places to wear. The use of anti-static fabric production process is mainly in the textile, roughly equal intervals or evenly mixed with all or part of the use of metal or organic conductive materials made of anti-static fiber or anti-static synthetic fiber, or the two mixed interwoven.

Clothing album design