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Environmental protection (referred to as environmental protection) due to the industrial development of environmental pollution problems are too serious, first caused by the attention of industrialized countries, the use of national laws and regulations and public opinion propaganda to make the whole society pay attention to and deal with pollution problems.

In 1.1962, American marine biologist Rachel Carson clearly described the environmental pollution and damage of pesticide DDT in the book Silent Spring. As a result of the warning of the book, the U.S. government began to investigate the problem of highly toxic pesticides, and established the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. States have also passed laws prohibiting the production and use of highly toxic pesticides. Because of this, the book is considered a landmark starting point for environmental ecology in the 20th century.

Initiated by the United Nations from June 5 to 16, 2.1972, the "First United Nations Conference on the Human Environment" was held in Stockholm and the famous "Declaration on the Human Environment" was put forward, which was the beginning of the formal attention of governments around the world to the cause of environmental protection. The Chinese government also participated in the meeting.

3. the People's Republic of China's environmental protection also started in 1972. Beijing established the Guanting Reservoir Protection Office, and Hebei Province established the Three Wastes Treatment Office to jointly study and deal with the pollution of the Guanting Reservoir by the Shacheng Pesticide Factory in Hebei Province. The problem led China to promulgate a law formally prohibiting the production and use of "DDT" nationwide ".

In 4.1973, the Environmental Protection Office under the State Construction Commission was established, and later it was changed to the State Environmental Protection Administration at the ministerial level directly under the State Council. In the "Two Sessions" in 2008, the State Environmental Protection Administration was upgraded to the "Environmental Protection Headquarters" and implemented unified supervision and management of environmental protection across the country.

5. Environmental protection bureaus (departments) have also been established in various provinces (cities and districts). And the establishment of the Environmental Protection Bureau hotline 12369 and online 12369 center to accept the public to report environmental pollution incidents.

Environmental protection album design