What are the types of handmade saw?

there are many kinds of handmade saw:

1. Woodworking: woodworking saw (divided into slitting saw and cross-cutting saw according to the use function and sawtooth arrangement), woodworking knife saw, two-person band saw (also called fast horse saw or two-person seizing for putting trees), and edge saw.

2. Garden work: knife saw, folding knife saw.

3, fitter: iron bow saw.

4. Hand-held machine power saw: portable chain saw, electric bow saw.


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Saber saw and jig saw blade in the end should be how to choose?

The working principle of the jig saw is that the motor decelerates through the gear, and the eccentric roller sleeve on the large gear drives the reciprocating rod and the saw blade to reciprocate, thereby sawing. With different saw blades, metal and wood can be sawed. Due to the narrow width of the jig saw blade, it can realize straight cutting, small curve cutting, medium curve cutting and large curve cutting under different tool lifting positions.

How to maintain the saw blade

If the saw blade is not used immediately, it should be placed flat or suspended by the inner hole. Other items or foot steps should not be stacked on the flat saw blade, and attention should be paid to moisture and rust prevention.

How to use the saw blade

1. Select the appropriate saw blade according to the design requirements of the equipment. 2. The equipment shall be equipped with safety protection devices, such as protective cover, power-off brake, overload protection, etc. 3, there are professional operators to install and use, and wear labor clothing, wear protective glasses, earmuffs, etc.

How to buy saw blade

Saw blade purchase matters needing attention: 1. Basic data: ①, machine spindle speed ②, processing workpiece thickness and material ③. Outer diameter size and aperture (shaft diameter) of knife saw

Classification of saw blades

According to the material classification are: High-speed steel saw blade (HSS saw blade), solid carbide saw blade, tungsten steel saw blade, insert tooth alloy saw blade, diamond saw blade, etc.