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Dongguan Chang Sheng saws Co. Ltd.

Dongguan Chang Sheng saws Co. Ltd.

Company news
2019/04/10 10:48

The mayor of Dongguan Sheng Daoju Co., Ltd. is a private technology enterprises in a professional research, development, production of steel products, sales, service as a whole, the company strong technical force, production strength has ranked the top industry.


Chang Sheng company since its establishment in 1992, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, scientific management of “ ” road, the combination of a large number of outstanding technical, management and marketing talent, with many domestic universities and research institutions advantages of cooperation, has the improvement and innovation of multi product manufacturing process, make product quality reach the international the leading level, with a number of national patent technology.


The company uses the advanced German automatic seamless welding equipment, in order to Japan imported high quality alloy steel as the raw material, complete product range, covering leather, handbags, footwear, rubber and foam, furniture and other industries. In 2004, the company introduced the international advanced lead bath continuous strip processing production for the integrated enterprise, the ring knife products in the industry is come first on the list, has the absolute advantage there is nothing comparable to this.


Chang Sheng who crafted “ long ” in the industry very popularity and good reputation, products have repeatedly been rated as &ldquo national quality inspection administration; quality assured for compliance and products won the state “ ” 3A” class enterprise title, and in the industry taking the lead through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, product the best-selling domestic and foreign markets, sales network all over the world, more than 4000 customers throughout Asia, Europe, the United States and other countries.


People oriented, professional integrity, high quality, warm service " is Chang Sheng of the enterprise purpose, “ based in Southern China, facing the country, radiation global ” Chang Sheng people diligently pursue, in “ create cutting industry in China famous brand ” mission driven, Chang Sheng adhere to the diligent and pragmatic style of work, continue to carry forward the unity and enterprising spirit, hard work, to carry forward the national industry to make its own contribution!